Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Getting Better

So I was thinking today that there are things I probably should be better at.

On the way to school this morning I heard the DJ say that some study (surely designed to make women feel bad about themselves) said that women today are not as good at domestic skills as they used to be…you know, back before we had JOBS and stuff.  Well, duh.  We had more time then.  And husbands.  And we wore chiffon gowns and pearls to vacuum while we smoked cigarillos and drank martinis.

But after three hours navigating snow-covered highways (I guess I am a pretty good driver), I had plenty of time to think about that report.  It was right.  I’m not good at a lot of stuff that I probably should be good at, and not just domestic stuff.

I can cook a few things, but was thinking I would like to know how to bake a pie.  No, not one of those frozen jobs you toss in the oven for an hour because I always end up burning them.  I want to make a REAL pie with a GENUINE HOMEMADE crust that flakes when you pluck it with a fork.

I also want to be able to sew better.  Just think of how much money I’d save if I sewed buttons back on instead of buying new sweaters.  I mean, buttons actually come with most of the things we buy.  There has to be a reason for that, right? 

And I want to be a better at math and science.  I want to know how to do fractions – I want to know why some letters equal numbers.  (I hear that really happens!  Numbers AND letters – imagine!)  

And I want to know more ‘stuff,’ especially stuff that goes on in other countries.  I want to know more about the Middle East.  I want to know how to speak Arabic.   I want to know their history.  Oh, and I want to know more about South America, too, specifically Che Guevara.  Don’t ask why – I have no idea.  I just do.

OH – and religion!  I probably should know more about that than what I pick up from the monthly Watchtowers dropped off at my door while I’m hiding in the bathroom.  (Oh, okay…like I’m the only one who does that, right?)

Those are just a few of the things I want to be better at.

What do YOU want to be better at?  

And what do you think is stopping us?

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  1. I am better at writing than I was before but I should be better than I am now.
    I should be better at living a life. The heart and lungs do their part, but the keeping a roof over the head and friends in my heart needs work.
    Oh, and I should be better at getting out the martini stains from chiffon that I get while vacuuming.